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In Cookies on August 15, 2009 at 1:09 pm

maybe blogging’s not my thing cuz I’m always too lazy to take photos and post them. blah

so my mom has a friend gathering, asking me to make some stuff…


The cookies are lime meltaways (from martha stewart website) i’ve made them many many times before…meaning they’re very good. I took the photo while they’re cooling and waiting for a bath in powdered sugar.

The other roundish things are matcha “cookies” with taro filling. I bought the canned taro filling from some chinese mart, but making it yourself is pretty easy too. Just cut the giant taro into chunks, then steam it, then puree/crush with sugar and some butter until it’s the right taste for you!

The skin is almost like a quick puff pastry in that it’s got (or suppose to have) many layers:

matcha1If you’re interested, here’s the recipe:

Matcha balls with Taro Filling

Water dough:

151 grams all purpose flour

57 grams butter or shortening

18 grams powdered sugar (regular sugar is ok too)

62 grams water

divide this into 36 gram pieces

Butter dough:

123 grams flour

5 grams matcha powder

64 grams butter or shortening

divide this into 24 gram pieces

1. wrap each butter dough (the green one) inside the water dough. roll out slightly with rolling pin, and roll it into a scroll. Flatten again, and roll again to form a small log. Cut log in half and flatten with cut side down. wrap filling inside.

For the filling, each portion will use 35 grams or taro paste.

For detailed pictures on how to make the skin, go to this website:

After making the cookies, bake at 350 F for 25 minutes