It is Year of the ROWR

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I mean tiger if you didn’t get it…

I was lazy, so I said to my parents: “how about we order pizza and skip the whole cooked giant prepare for entire day meal?”

They said: “Okay…sure, we don’t wanna tire you out” (something along those lines, but less considerate)

at 4 pm on Chinese New Year: dad comes home with groceries and the cooking begins

I did the majority

Actually I practically made all of it, except for boiling the dumplings

Pre-Boiled Dumplings with Pork and Celery Filling


GOT: DUmplings, FISH, PIG’S FEET (which the chinese supermarket dude insisted on calling them) CELERY, BOK CHOY with SHITAKE, KUNG PAO/really SPIcy CHicken, and thE BEST DARN DUMPLING SAUCE (made by me)

and there must be dessert! and a recipe

Sticky RIce cake with sweet Adzuki beans

Recipe for Baked Rice Cake:

1 lb Glutinous rice flour

1-2 cups sugar (depending on how you like it, i used 1 1/4 cup)

2 tsp baking powder

2 1/2 cup milk

4 eggs

1 stick butter, melted

2 tsp vanilla extract

Optional: Sweet, cooked adzuki beans

Preheat Oven to 350 F on Middle Rack

1. Melt butter, stir in sugar, vanilla, eggs, and milk

2. Add glutinous rice flour and baking powder, and stir like crazy until the batter is smooth and has no lumps.

3. Pour into one large baking pan, or two 8×8 square baking pans. Grease them really really really well (really well…) sprinkle on adzuki beans, if using

4. bake for 50-60 minutes, until tops are golden brown, and inserted toothpick comes out pretty clean. (no liquid)


New Zealand I freaken Love yOu

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How could everything awesome and beautiful in this world be all crammed into such a small island.

17 days and I went from white sand beach to tropical rainforest to mountains of ice. If it wasn’t for my running out of clean undies, I would never wanna come back.

Other then the scenery and unusually friendly peeps, there’s great food and lots of alcohol…at least amongst my tour groupies.

My first few days, I spent at Pakiri Beach, at a horse farm riding horses, running around on the beach and chilling out with my jetlag

Beautiful White Sand Pakiri beach...and all to myself

THe ULtimate FERGBERGER in Queestown

THe ULtimate FERGBERGER in Queestown

I can’t not mention Fergburger in Queesntown. The meaty goodness above in “the Tropical Swine” loaded with cheese, bacon, beef, and grilled pineapple. Picture=many more words then I can come up with so just droooool and stare

Also in the SPETEBULAR Queenstown, I underwent some emotional trauma …but in a good way: In the form of  a Bungy Jump.

I wasn’t brave enough to jump the 134 meter Nevis, so went with the 43 m Kawarau Bridge. It was soooo beautiful  and picturesque. I was just too scared out of my mind to take it all in.

I think i'm smiling

Marshmallows and Exams

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This has nothing to do with Daring Bakers. I should be studying for final exams, but I wanted to make marshmallows. Sooooo I made those mallow cookie thingys.

Other then the fact that they are very sweet, it was pretty easy to make,

Good: somewhat tasty, not hard, not ThAt messy

Also good: I’m going to NZ in 3 weeks! warm weather…

Bad: my chocolate coating gunked up on me cuz i used butter…so I dumped a bunch of canola oil to thin it out. It worked out in the end

Also bad: Final exams are next week and i can’t focus

For a recipe: please visit and look up chocolate covered marshmallow cookies. Cheers